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Longarm Quilting Service

Stitch Chicks is proud to offer Longarm quilting services. We currently run an APQS Milllenium, also known as "Millie". Millie can accommodate quilts of up to 126". We have dozens of  "pantographs"  and a staff of experts to help you choose the perfect pattern and thread color to suit your quilt. 

Longarm Quilting service is in high demand and we are grateful to our loyal customers. We strive for as quick of a turnaround time as possible, typically 4-6 weeks is the norm. Depending on the circumstances and machine availability,  we may be able to expedite quilts for customers on a time crunch for an additional charge. An expedited charge of $25 will be added to any quilt with a due date sooner than the turnaround time.

Preparing your Quilt for Longarm quilting

1. Press quilt top and backing. ($20 charge if not pressed)
2. Keep quilt top, batting, and backing separate. 
3. Make sure that backing is 5" bigger than the quilt top on sides, top, and bottom. We need the extra to attach leaders and clamps on the sides.
4. If need be indicate top of the quilt top and backing. 
5. Stay stitch quilt top if there are no borders. This keeps seams from coming apart during the quilting process. 
6. Remove all loose threads from the back and top of quilt.
7. Remove any pet hair.  We love pets, but Millie isn't fond of them.
8. A horizontal backing seam is preferred. Use 1/2" seam allowance and press seam open.  Square up backing so that it loads straight on the longarm machine. If you'd prefer to have us seam your backing for you, there is a $10 charge per seam. 


Stitch Chicks is proud to stock Quilter's Dream batting in a variety of sizes. We carry the cotton batting as well as "Dream Green", which is an eco friendly batting made from recycled bottles. For more information on Dream Green head over to their website . You are welcome to provide your own batting as well, however, there are some battings that do not produce a great end result and we will certainly advise as necessary. 


We price our longarm service per square inch of the quilt from edge to edge. The cost is $0.02 per square inch. Effective August 1st, 2019, there is a $25 minimum for quilting services.

Binding Service

We also offer binding services, pricing is as follows:
Make binding: $10 flat fee
Machine stitch to front: $0.05 per linear inch
Machine stitch to back: $0.05 per linear inch
Hand Stitch: $0.20 per linear inch

We will happily provide a total cost estimate prior to service being performed if you'd like.

Longarm Rental

Of course, for those of you who prefer to see your project through from start to finish, Millie Certification is a great option! To be certified to rent our longarm machine, you must take our Millie certification course. The price of the 3 hour course is $150.00 and includes everything needed to complete the certification.  We encourage anyone who is interested to give us a call and we will book a certification class to suit your schedule. 

After you are certified, you may rent Millie for $20 per hour plus $1.50 per bobbin (1st bobbin is free). We do encourage booking your longarm time with  advanced notice as the machine does tend to book up quickly. There is always someone in the shop to assist you with any questions during your rental.

Prior to coming in for your Millie Certification, we recommend watching this video to give you a little bit of a head start:
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